I am writing because it’s late... (2021)
Autarkia w/ Synkt
VR Link: https://tyluskinas.lt/FILES/WWW_seecum24/

Featured Work          

Eviction in Shenzhen  

Eviction in Shenzhen (2019-Ongoing) is a long-term ethnographic series of experimental documentary films, which follows the planned demolition of my fathers ancestral village of Hubei in Shenzhen, China.

Supported by CBK Rotterdam.

Digital Residency/Research: https://vitalcapacities.com/artists/seecum-cheung/studio/

Screening schedule: 
25-29.06.2021 Survival Art Review, Wrocław, Poland 
25-29.08.2021 Recontres Internationales, Paris/Berlin

The Dutch Window

The Dutch Window (2017) refers to the cultural tradition in The Netherlands of having open and un-curtained front windows, thus exposing one’s interiors for all to see. Cheung uses the window as a metaphor for the ideology of liberal transparency and openness in Dutch politics.

At the heart of the film is a discussion around the Dutch voting system of Proportional Representation, with a focus upon the new fringe parties which ran in 2017’s electoral race. 

Supported by CBK Rotterdam, Arts Council England for Grand Union Gallery, UK.