Eviction in Shenzhen: Part 1
2019 - Present
17:30 Running time, colour, sound
(02:08 Excerpt)

Eviction in Shenzhen is a long-term ethnographic series of experimental documentary films which follows the planned demolition of my fathers ancestral village of Hubei in Shenzhen, China as the government initiates a major redevelopment plan to take its place. The proposed project includes an impressive 830m tall skyscraper which will become the tallest building in the world accompanied with a modern shopping centre, restaurants, plus a small portion of Hubei Old Village preserved as a living museum and film location for hire. The new redevelopment will become one of China’s most prized architectural accomplishments, a visual spectacle, which pays homage to the economic miracle that is Shenzhen, as the city which led China to its new position as a global economical and technological power.

The films mark the eviction of the current tenants of the village who as low-income workers, are having to leave behind the cafes, food vendors, small businesses, residential homes and communities which they cultivated over a period of 10 - 20 years. Eviction in Shenzhen (2018-present) filmed over the course of this redevelopment period, will document these changes by recording the sociological make-up and ancient architecture of the village that is soon to disappear.

The film is currently in development and will proceed in chapters as the project develops. 'Eviction in Shenzhen: Part 1' (2019 - Version 1) captures the residents of the area during a visit to the area in May 2018. The next chapter filmed during February 2019 features the area taken during Chinese New Year, with a near 90% of residents now fully evicted.

Directed, produced and edited: Seecum Cheung
Sound design: Natalia Domínguez Rangel