In the Frame: Chapter of the collaborative work "Attending to Agnes" (2018)

Three-channel video
46:00min running time, colour, sound

Over one year, artists Seecum Cheung, Maike Hemmers, Pilar Mata Dupont, Isabelle Sully, and Flora Woudstra developed a multi-channel film, presenting their varied viewpoints and voices collectively in responding to Agnes Goodsir’s painting, Girl with Cigarette (circa 1925), and her accompanying life and oeuvre. 

Seecum Cheung approaches the proposition of the film from a trans-generational perspective. Her chapter, In the Frame, focuses upon a young actor. Her only instruction is to look directly into the camera and to think of all women who had not received the recognition that they'd deserved in their lifetime, past and present. Filmed in the famous Le Dôme Café in Paris and outside the former lesbian club, Le Monocle, places Agnes Goodsir reportedly frequented, Cheung’s contribution insists on a feminist politic of looking backward to move forward.