Interview with Lennart
Single-channel video
19:11min running time, colour, sound

'Interview with Lennart' is the first chapter of a larger project, which focusses on a key interview with Lennart Schwarzbach, a young candidate for the German political party the NPD, which is known to attract neo-Nazis’ as part of their followers.

The interview conducted in October 2015 (in Harburg, Germany) questions the candidate’s stance upon the current immigration crisis, and his views on racial solidarity, oppression, and multiculturalism. This interview was conducted in collaboration with writer and journalist Richard Cooke, and supported by SBS public broadcasters.

Accompanying article: “History of Violence, Germany and the Refugees for SBS Public Broadcasters”

Additional Interviewees + content:

Featured in Art Monthly (Oct, 2016) 
‘Rules of Engagement’ by Morgan Quaintance

*Please view only with headphones

Seecum Cheung (2016)©

Journalist: Richard Cooke
Fixer: Sarah Rudolf

Henning Pfieffer (Live)
Samira Damato (Transcription)
Florian Cramer (Additional transcription)
Peter Sattler (Additional transcription)

Seecum Cheung
Laurens Verwoest