Learning from the experience of BME cancer patients
NHS England with brap human rights
Single-channel video

The films examine three themes – bias, communication and dignity – where experiences were reported to be poorer for BME people receiving treatment.

They are intended to explore some of the reasons poorer experience might be reported and to help commissioners of cancer services, and frontline staff, to recognise areas where improvements can be made.

NHS England and NHS Improvement commissioned the films from human rights charity brap in an initiative linked to the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, which shows that BME patients consistently report a poorer experience than white British people who take part in the survey. To explore the fuller story in a way that the NHS can learn from, we commissioned further research and the set of films is one of the outputs. It features interviews with a range of people, to whom we are very grateful, who took part in focus groups in London, Birmingham and Nottinghamshire.

Director: Seecum Cheung & brap human rights
Executive Producers: NHS England
Camera: Mat Beckett, Seecum Cheung, Laura Healey
Editing: Seecum Cheung
Graphics: Zhenia Vasiliev
Music: Giandomenico Castellano
Audio: Jacco Prantl